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Rewards-based Training

Puppy training is an especially sensitive skill. Puppies are in the most critical social growth time in their lives, making positive reinforcement essential. At Janet Pet Care, we use only reward-based training, which means, reward the behaviors you like, keep your dogs busy with chewies and things to do, plus manage your puppy to keep him or her safe and able to follow the rules of your home.

And these techniques work for adolescent and adult dogs too. If you have just adopted a dog from a shelter, please invite us to help you set up a safe and fun environment right from the start.

We use positive routines that motivate you and your dog, making learning a blast of fun for everyone. You will get speedy and correct responses that achieve behavior goals like sit, stay, and come when called.

We also use positive reinforcement to control misbehavior such as barking and lunging during walks, pulling on leash, refusing to walk, or barking too much at front door noises.
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Janet Bran, CTC

Janet and Bently
Janet Bran is a certified dog trainer and has operated in San Francisco since 2009. She specializes in puppy socialization and training, has a passion for training newly adopted dogs, and volunteers for the San Francisco SPCA. Janet Bran's certification and continuing education include:

Certified in Training and Counseling (CTC) from The Academy For Dog Trainers by Jean Donaldson.

Puppy Start Right for Instructors graduate from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior.

Family Paws Parent Educator from Family Paws Parent Education.

Certified Dog Walker from dog*tec.

Bachelor's of Arts degree from Mills College, Oakland, California.


Kanako Nishimoro

Kanako at Tea Ceremony
Kanako Nishimoro is from Tokyo and is now living in San Francisco. If you are Japanese and can benefit from learning in your own language, Kanako will speak to you in Japanese during our dog training sessions. Kanako has many years experience as a teacher and is well-known in the Japanese community for her expert tea ceremony training school. Kanako has been yarning tea for 38 years. Since 2012, Kanako has held classes in New York, Tokyo, and now in San Francisco. Kanako also has been holding tea ceremonies at the annual hake chakai at Hakone Garden since 2015. Her passion for training her own dog, Bertie, and her expertise as a teacher has brought her two passions together and into our dog training program.


Graduate from The Academy For Dog Trainers Puppy training at Puppy Start Right Preschool Family Paws Parent Educator  Dog Walker Certified by dog*tec  Member of Pet Sitters Associates